The PrestoShopper App is a global tool that is in all languages and countries. This app connects a panel of over 7 million users, of which 2.1 million unique people completed a project on the PrestoShopper web app and mobile app in the last 12 months. With the volume of consumers, and the fact that Prestoshopper pays the consumers cash within 3 days of their visit, simple mystery shopping projects get self-assigned fast and completed for less than traditional mystery shops.

Why PrestoShopper?

Three In-App Shop Types | Diverse Perspectives | Combined Reporting

Traditional Mystery Shopper Insights

Mystery Shops

  • Ability to post regular mystery shops on
  • Precision scheduling for each client specific project
  • Larger pool of shoppers to recruit from compared to other Mystery Shopping providers
  • Reduced scheduling costs

Accelerated Mystery Shopper Insights

Insta Shops

  • Quick program setup - get a project up in 10 minutes
  • Self-Assign for shoppers
  • LiveShopper Sassie handles shopper payment
  • Larger pool of shoppers to recruit from = reduce shopper pay
  • Quicker pay to shoppers (no more than three days)
  • Mystery shoppers do not need to leave the app to complete a project

Actual Shopper Insights

Live Shops

  • Crowdsourcing actual customers
  • Geo-fencing exact locations
  • Customizable question sets based on project needs
  • Brand-specific incentive/reward to drive repeat business
  • Data in real-time to make quick business decisions
  • Capture competitor intelligence
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