Super Fast Pay

  • Get paid in hours to days...never weeks!
  • Don’t have Paypal? No problem, we can also pay you in Amazon or TangoCard credit (eligible for 40 retailers including Target,, Starbucks).

Instant Survey

  • Fill out the survey on the spot – right on your phone.
  • Easily enter your answers without having to remember everything afterward.
  • Our questions require just a few clicks to answer and in most cases our mobile surveys won’t require a long narrative.

Instant Self-Assign

  • Go to and instantly claim the Presto shops you want!
  • You don’t have to wait for approval to claim a mystery shop.
  • Choose the shops you want at home or during your normal shopping routine.

Instant Sign up

  • Sign up ONCE and you’re eligible for Presto Insta-Shops (fast, mobile shops) for ALL of our mystery shopping companies.
  • 60-second signup – right on your phone.
  • One Stop Mystery Shopping: can also display shops from the SASSIE platform (thousands of traditional non-mobile shops from over 150 mystery shopping companies)

How Presto Mystery Shopping Works

With PrestoMap You Can:

Locate any SASSIE & Presto shops at your current location or on the go.

View the mystery shop’s payment amount, requirements, and survey.

Self-assign Presto shops without going through schedulers.

Fill out the survey and complete the shop.

View From Our App!


  • What is Mystery Shopping?
  • Mystery shopping is a type of market research conducted by paid undercover agents (aka “mystery shoppers”) who anonymously evaluate customer service, inventory, corporate standards or any other aspect of a business that requires measurement.

    In other words, mystery shopping companies pay normal consumers to act like normal consumers while secretly evaluating how a business is performing.
  • How are Presto Insta-Shops different from traditional mystery shops (like SASSIE)?
  • Presto Insta-Shops are designed to be the fastest, most convenient mystery shops in the industry, featuring:

    • Short surveys you fill out right on your mobile device (no long surveys, no note taking needed)
    • Instant self-assign – pick live shops right from (no applying and waiting to see if you got the shop, no applying for shops that are already taken)
    • Super fast pay – get paid within days (never weeks or months like traditional mystery shops)

    Insta-Shops are ideal for the casual mystery shopper who wants fast, easy shops … or the veteran mystery shopper who wants to add a few quick shops while doing traditional mystery shops.
  • What mobile devices work on Presto Insta-Shops?
  • You’ll need an iOS device (iOS 8 or higher) or Android device (v4 or higher).
  • Can I use my computer instead of the mobile app?
  • You can definitely use a computer to fill out Insta-Shops survey.

    However, some shops require you to verify that you’re at the location and you’ll need a mobile device with a data plan in order to pass that location check. Once that check is complete, you can fill out the survey on a computer (however, the surveys are so short and easy to complete on a mobile device that it’s usually more convenient to just fill out the survey at the location).
  • Will I get paid in hours to days?
    How is that possible when traditional mystery shops pay in weeks to months?
  • Absolutely! Our secret is that we require that the shopper fees are paid to us upfront – that way we can pay YOU much faster than usual.

    Our clients are required to accept or reject your shop within 72 hours or the shop will auto-approve itself. Once a shop is approved, it just takes us 1-3 days to send you your payment!