LiveShopper offers a variety of advertising, marketing and promotional services to help our clients reach customers with relevant, targeted messages. One way is Geo-Conquesting.

Geo-Conquesting is an innovative concept in customer marketing and acquisition. Using location-based data, LiveShopper can push messages to customers wherever they are. Geo-Conquesting targets customers when they are at or near a competitor’s location and directs them to another location, typically using an incentive.

For example, if a customer is pulling into a restaurant’s parking lot, the customer might receive a notification on his phone from that restaurant’s competitor, offering him a free appetizer or similar discount or perk via the LiveShopper app.

Using Geo-Conquesting, businesses can engage customers at a time when they are interested in a particular product or service. Contact us to learn more about how to incorporate Geo-Conquesting into your LiveShopper campaign.