How Does LiveShopper Work?

Your customers and competitors’ customers download the LiveShopper app on their phone. Then, through geo-targeting, customers are notified of an available task while visiting one of your locations, or if they are within an established distance, thus driving business to you.

Customers are invited to answer questions and perform short tasks that you’ve established in exchange for instant offers, discounts, or perks from you. As customers upload their responses through the app, the data aggregates real-time via an online dashboard and is delivered to stakeholders, allowing for timely action.

Managers can receive actionable data by email as the tasks are completed, allowing them to rectify a situation immediately, or provide feedback on a job well done.

Instead of the limited perspective of one five-minute interaction with one mystery shopper a month, your monthly report will be compiled from the experiences of many different real customers, with different demographics.

National data is reported to you online with the analytical tools required to understand your consumer insights. Individual store reports look the same as past mystery shopping reports, but are comprised of data from dozens of different tasks performed by dozens of real customers.

In many cases, individual questions have multiple responses per month/per location.